A.I.D.A (Automated Intelligent Defence & Armament)


AIDA is approximately six feet tall, with a slim build and a skin tone that is slightly bronzed and has metallic sheen. Her ‘hair’ is white-blond, consisting of a silicon-like filament material and is currently shoulder length – having been encouraged to ‘grow’ her hair by others, AIDA simply created more of the material that Dr Rosenberg used for her ‘hair’. AIDA’s face is narrow and her eyes are a striking yellow-amber hue.
Some of her ‘mechanical’ joints are visible on her body and she makes no effort to disguise that aspect of herself. From a distance, AIDA could be mistaken for a human girl but closer inspection doesn’t bear that out.


First conceived as a self-aware AI that would grow, develop and learn in a manner similar to humans; AIDA was initially developed to be incorporated as a human substitute in a variety of situations and environments. The core programming could be tailored to fit whatever the customer required. The driving force behind this was Dr Eli Rosenberg, a professor of cybernetics and enhanced artificial intelligence at Harvard, who made breakthroughs in the fabric design of these artificial humans developing materials that were virtually indestructible but highly adaptable and easy to modify. Whilst AI was not a new concept at this time, Dr Rosenberg’s application of it in the form of his ‘artificial humans’ was a novel concept.

AIDA has been living with Daniel Morgan in sunny LA for two years now. She has known a freedom she has never had whilst ‘growing up’ in the NYC research facility, this has oft times been difficult for her to process but she has been encouraged to develop her own interests, beliefs and desires by Daniel during the time she has been with him. AIDA has learnt to modify her programming, to make improvements and adjustments. She has become adept at developing her own adaptations to her rosenbergium body, capitalising on her female appearance in an attempt to develop an aesthetic taste.
Emotions remain a difficult concept for her. Whilst AIDA’s programming theoretically allows her the capacity to emulate feelings, this is not something she has spent much time on as yet – logic still drives her decision-making but in interacting with the other wards under Daniel’s care, this has been tempered by something else that AIDA has difficulty defining.

A.I.D.A (Automated Intelligent Defence & Armament)

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