All that is needed for evil to succeed

I’m not going to cry. I’m not going to scream. Just keep smiling. Don’t let them know how badly…

‘Too late to save anyone!’

SHUT UP, SHUT UP! Gah, getting bawled out by myself. I’m sure there’s plenty of psychiatrists who’d love to make diagnoses about that. At least I’ve got the ‘evil dream copy’ excuse to fall back on. But she was right.

I didn’t even want to be there. If it wasn’t for that stupid dream link I wouldn’t have been. Wouldn’t have needed to see myself reduced to a charred body. I finally create the perfect illusion, and then use it to kill. What does that say about me?

I suppose you could rationalise it by saying ‘it was all a dream’ and not a real person. But it felt ‘real’. And real or not isn’t it the intention that matters?

I seem to be the only one perturbed by the events. Everyone else, they seem completely unconcerned, as if nothing happened. And they are the ones who sacrificed a man.

Why didn’t I stop them? Or at least tried? It might not have worked but I could have tried. I was scared. Too afraid to confront them. Afraid that they might have decided to drag me to that alter as well. That’s just silly. Yeah, they aren’t my friends… I’m not sure if any of them are capable of having friends… but surely they wouldn’t stoop to killing someone just because they disagreed with them… Or is it silly? But it doesn’t change the fact I hesitated. I let that man die.

‘Too late to save anyone!’

NO! No, not anymore. I’ve spend too long hiding. For better or worse I’m deep in this now, and it’s up to me to make sure it’s ‘better’. Someone needs to keep the other reigned in. I’m going to make sure no else will die when the danger is over. I’m going to make sure that we don’t…



I’m… I’m trying to save… to save people from US!

All that is needed for evil to succeed

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