Behind the Lies (Issue 4)

I’m a liar. They all seem to forget that. All I need to do is smile sweetly and occasionally look confused and they all buy the idea I’m a happy, carefree, innocent, human girl.

Happy? Yeah, most of the time. Carefree? Well I try to be. Innocent? Not nearly as much as they think. Human? Nope. Umm, ok. Yeah, I’m more human than Aida, and probably more human than Alex.

Alex, an emotionless shell held together by comic book clichés. You would think all those comics would make him realise splitting up is a STUPID idea, especially when we have a dream controller just waiting for that very thing to happen.

But now we’re all back together in the van, once again ready to move against a cartel stronghold. And once again I’m lying.

“Are you ok with doing this now Kimi?” Jeremy asks with some concern.

“I’m as good now as I’ll be whenever we do this.”

Well, it wasn’t a lie. Well, not really. It was true I wouldn’t feel any better whether we did this now or in a week’s time. I just didn’t mention that I’d rather not do this at all. Lying by omission. But I couldn’t let Jeremy know that. He’d be too busy worrying about me and trying to keep me safe that he’d just be putting himself in danger. He’s like a big brother; ok, at least how I’ve always imagined what a big brother would be like. Well, the nicer possibility. I know he wants to protect me, but I don’t want him to suffer because of it. I don’t want anyone to suffer again trying to save me. Besides the longer we left it, there more likely we were to end up dragged kicking and screaming into our worst dreams one by one.

I don’t know what my worst nightmare is. I try not to think about things like that. I’d rather not find out.

As long as they didn’t involve dogs. There’s enough of them in the real world, especially now as I scramble over the wall and into the grounds. Being invisible would keep me safe from the human guards. From the dogs, not so much. I’d just have to hope we didn’t hang around long. With any luck Eli would be able to find Peregrino quickly and quietly. Yeah, somehow I doubt that.

On the other hand, Eli might be the most likely to pull it off. He might be unsociable and hot-headed but he is scarily competent especially at brawling. Life has made him a fighter, not to mention rather angry. At least I can understand WHY he’s so angry. I just wish he’d understand there are better ways of coping.

So now I just needed to wait in the shadows until our plan came togeth…

Wait, what WAS the plan?

Behind the Lies (Issue 4)

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