Half-Qudani can’t breed? I… What?

Everything I’m holding onto is crumbling. If that were true, that Half-Qudani can’t have kids, that would mean Dad… isn’t my Dad. So my hopes of returning to my family are based on a lie. But that wouldn’t make sense. Because if I’m not part-Qudani, how was I able to utilize their technology? Was Dad different? Was I some kind of sick experiment.? Or, maybe, they can’t breed with humans, and as Mom was a Kitsune after all…

Or maybe its just that word ‘impossible’ again. That same blind, stupid ignorance that humans have over some misguided ideas. You’d think in a world with magical powers and aliens people would be more open minded.

Yes, that has to be it, that must be it. Because, otherwise… how can I even exist? Who am I?

But if it is true, then I don’t have any true family. All that is left is my friends. And the way things are going, maybe it’s only a matter of time before they leave me or turn on me.

No. I can’t think like that. We’ve stuck together all this way, even if we don’t along perfectly with each other. After all the stuff we’ve been through, there’s no reason that they’d suddenly turn on me. But then, reason seems to have gone out the window. Just in case, I should be ready.

(ooc: Someone give that poor girl a hug, a glass of milk and some warm cookies.)


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