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Musings from a Kitsune
Inside the City of Dreams
Behind the Lies (Issue 4)
All that is needed for evil to succeed
If I Could Have One Wish
A Day Out
Tempus Aeternus
Just Keep Smiling
Comic Strip Philosophy


The welcome party
A Shot in the dark
Every good story starts with a dame
The definition of insanity
Time and Energy
A Shield from Injustice
New Day’s Dawn
Strange Charm


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Dramatis Personae

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Player Characters
Alex Mercer Also known as Sub-Zero. Controls ice
Eli Brooks Street kid from Chicago. Controls the fundamental forces
Jeremy Black Native American shaman shapeshifter and lightning thrower
Kimiko ‘Kimi’ Fox Kitsune that can transform into human form and likes illusions
Alex’s Background Eli’s Background
Robert Mercer (Very Deceased) Father Matthew Jacobs Chicago crime boss
Karren Mercer Mother Jennifer Dumas Former partner in crime
Malcolm Mercer 6 years older brother
Jessica Mercer 4 years older sister
Laura Mercer 3 years older sister
Jeremy’s Background Kimi’s Background
Nanopush Jeremy’s spirit grandfather Naomi Williams Mother
Harry Williams Father (missing)
Catherine Morgan Lovely lady that took the PCs in.
Daniel Morgan The man with a plan
Jo Morgan He/She technopath
Encountered Public
Adassa Saldana (Imprisoned) Speedster Alexander Bush President of the USA
Alicia Rios daughter of an ex-crime boss Alyson GutiƩrrez Governor of California
Athina Cervantez (Imprisoned) Stone monster Antonio Rossi (Mostly Deceased) Mayor of LA
David Madigan Probably corrupt cop Robert Glover Sheriff of LA County
David Neumann Qudani William Henry Parker V The new chief of police
Eufrasio Peralta (imprisoned) Monster
Gabriel Sykes Awesome
Jerome Low-level criminal
John Gunnerson Head of the EPA
Justin Ambrosius Awesome
Mephistopheles Chiago-based Vodoo priest
Peregrino Alaniz (Not Quite Dead) Dreamer
Pericles Esquibel (Dead) Cartel drug lord
Peter Blake Decent cop
Vera Caraballo Diamond lady
The Malevolent Eye/Alpha ???
Corpse Man (?) ???

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