Tempus Aeternus

So that’s it then.

An hour ago everything was looking fantastic. I was going to get my parents back. Jeremy and Eli had returned from space. Not perfect, true. But it looked for a while as if, like on all those TV shows, I was going to get a happy ending.

Well, more or less. I think most girls would taking finding they were actually princesses as part of the happy ending. Me, I’ve a good inkling of how many duties those positions require, to say nothing of how they curtail your freedom. And from how my cousin was talking it sounds even worse than human monarchies. No, definitely not for me. As for the Qudani thing, that just freaks me out. Having anything in common with those things, yuck. It was sorta like how I feel when around those I know as a fox, only much worse. Hopefully Alex won’t let it slip. Eli might punch me again.

Half an hour ago the Morgan’s were taken from me. My family for the past four years. Before, that kind of thing terrified me. Now it also made me angry. As always I hid it. I don’t think the others noticed. But when we caught up with the person responsible I honestly don’t know what I would have done had the world not suddenly melted away. Given the amount of bodies I left behind me outside the base, I don’t think it would have been pleasant. But none of that matters now.

Five minutes ago the world changed completely. Only a blasted wasteland remains. My hopes of finding my parents almost certainly destroyed with it. The small hope that kept me going for four years.

But then, before he died, Daniel mentioned going back in time. Could that work? Daniel seemed to think so. They say time travel is impossible. But then, ‘they’ said that it was impossible for any Qudani to still be alive. ‘They’ would probably say that dream worlds couldn’t exist.

Humans are idiots.

Which means time travel is possible and this devastation right now won’t matter. We’ll get a second chance to stop it. A second chance to find my parents.

My parents…

A second chance…

I can’t help it. In spite of the devastation surrounding us, the revelation makes me smile.

I don’t need to find Mom and Dad in the present. I could go back and stop Mom from even being kidnapped. Correct my whole life with that one event. I could have my happy ending. More than that; my dream life. Whatever this time travel is, I could to use it and go back to the day I was born.

The apocalypse doesn’t matter.

I can do this. I have to do this. I will do this.

Jeremy, Alex, Eli… everyone… I hope you can forgive me for what I have to do.

(OOC: I feel I should point out that I actually think Kimi’s plan is a REALLY bad idea. And if this were a comic there’d probably be some kind of snap-esk visual around half way for when her reasoning goes out the window. I really hadn’t intended for little Kimi to be so mentally fragile.)

Tempus Aeternus

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