Alex Mercer


Alex in costume with ice armour active.

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Alex was born on the 12th January 2019, and they say the first thing he did was nearly killing his doctor, Dr. Zenner. Zenner was a long time friend of the family, who had been there for the birth of Alex’s three preceding siblings. Dr. Zenner suffered a severe case of hypothermia after he had been freed from the block of ice that Alex supposedly put him in. To put it mildly Dr. Zenner and Alex’s family had not been on the best of terms ever since. There was, however, no way for Alex to know whether that was true or not. It’s not like he could remember himself. He could only go by what his family told him and Alex figured out quickly that they were not always entirely truthful.

The relationship to his family was a strange one. They were part of the Church of Peace, and as a consequence they hold some very specific views about powered individuals and family. Powered individuals are the devil’s children while family is sacred. It is therefore quite clear that Alex was a bit of a conflict case.

His father, Robert Mercer, probably lost the most. He was a high ranking, and well respected member of the Church of Peace. The Church of Peace, being renowned for their anti-power tendencies, doesn’t look too fondly upon members giving birth to powered individuals. Some of their members probably kill their powered kids to save face. The incident with Dr. Zenner, however, spread like a wildfire. Thus, killing Alex would have only disgraced the family further. Robert lost his influential status and funding. He got degraded to an ordinary member and many of his former ‘friends’ turned their backs on him. Officially, Robert was working for a telecommunications company. That, however, did not pay enough for the family to keep the same living standards. Alex did not know where his father got the money from, but he was sure it wasn’t entirely legal. Dealings with one or more of the prominent mob groups in Los Angeles are certainly a possibility. Robert would have a lot of good intel on high ranking members of the Church of Peace, and the Church did not only have friends. The question remains if Robert would betray his own like that. When it came to Alex Robert would mostly react with indifference, and contempt. Robert showed much more interest in his eldest son, Malcolm, who was 6 years older than Alex.

Malcolm was the poster boy of the family. His father’s hopes were that he would clean the family name and would bring it back up in the Church of Peace. As such he took quite similar attitudes towards Alex than his father did. The icing on the cake, however, was his incredible arrogance. Luckily, Alex never had to spend too much time with his older brother, as Malcolm usually spent most of his time following in his father’s footsteps. Alex didn’t really know what both of them were up to, but that is no big surprise as it was not like he was welcome to join them.

His two sisters, Jessica and Laura, mostly hung out together as they were about the same age. Jessica is four years older and Laura three years older than Alex. They usually cared more about themselves than about their little brother.

The person who dealt most with Alex was his mother, Karren. She still displayed the same indifference as all the others when dealing with him, but she made sure he had enough cloth, food and everything else.

Generally Alex was not being mistreated. There was no beating, no shouting, nothing abusive whatsoever. There was, however, also no playing, praise or love.

Considering his education, Alex did not attend the same school as the rest of his siblings. They attended a school specifically tailored towards member of the Church of Peace. Most of the brainwashing probably happened there. Alex on the other hand attended one of the local public schools. Being situated in the middle class suburb, his family calls their home, this school was not comparable to those downtrodden institutions one can find in the ghettos. Despite being bullied on a regular basis Alex enjoyed his time at school. Mostly because of his fellow powered kids that were attending the same school. There was Charlotte, also called Charlie, who could change her appearance like a chameleon. Toby could transform into something. Alex never actually saw him transform because the use of powers was heavily regulated. Toby claimed his other form was spectacular and awesome in everything, but he liked to exaggerate. Then there was also Michael, who could hit everything with everything. No matter what he picked up to throw around he always hit the bullseye. Charlie, Toby and Alex immediately bonded together under all the bullying. Michael was actually one of the ones who did the bullying. He actually managed to be popular despite his powers.

School was also where Alex’s passion for comic books began. At home he wasn’t allowed to buy them. His parents thoughts they were the devil’s bibles. Toby, however, used to bring them along to school and give them to Alex. Hiding the books at home wasn’t too difficult, because no one really paid attention to him. The comic books inspired Alex to become a superhero. He wanted to show that despite having devil’s abilities, he could do good.

Alex did not know how his parents learned about the Morgans, but he was glad they did. He was surprised that they’d just give him away, because it is not something that is readily done in the Church of Peace. But it seemed that that would not be an issue. The Morgans’ unfortunately did not live in the same area, so Alex would have had to attend another school, which he did not wanted to do. He wanted to focus on becoming a superhero with the Morgans providing some homeschooling to ensure he would have a basic set of knowledge.

Alex Mercer

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