Jeremy Black

Stormwing; Soul of Wakį́yą; Last Shaman


Jeremy’s Native American heritage is easy to spot thanks to his bronzed skin and his raven black hair. Standing around 5’10", he is in excellent shape thanks to spending most of his childhood roaming around outdoors on various Native American reservations. Jeremy was always very athletic, but ever since his powers have awakened, he moves with the grace of a natural predator. His hair has a tendency to be messy and tousled and is normally kept relatively short. Jeremy’s eyes are storm grey and change colour slightly depending on his mood. When manifesting his powers, lightning can be seen dancing in his irides. All of this combines to give Jeremy a striking appearance.

Jeremy normally wears t-shirts and jeans, but can just as easily be found wondering around in just his boxers as he is rather at ease with his body and has no sense of shame. Due to his high metabolism he does have an animalistic appetite and never passes up a chance to eat (a side effect of this appetite is that he has learned to cook rather well). Anyone spending some time around Jeremy will notice that his natural scent seems to be that of the air after a thunderstorm. When shifting from one form to another the scent gets muskier and more animalistic.


Jeremy Black

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