Kimiko 'Kimi' Fox

Half-Kitsune, half-mortal trickster


Kimiko’s human form shows a mix of her Caucasian and Japanese heritages in her features. She stands around 4’6’’ with quite a slender build. Her eyes are light brown, and her red hair is cut just below her neck. Currently she can hold her human form almost permanently, provided she’s awake. Kimi still hasn’t learned how to keep it active while sleeping.

April Rain – Delain : Kimi’s Song

The Swan Song – Within Temptation : Perfect Dream

Kimi’s Theme Music

Deceiver – Stream of Passion : Kimi’s ‘fight’ music

Memento – Visions Of Atlantis : Revelations

Dreams of an Absolution : I apologise for this song, but given the upcoming time travel plot and Kimi’s latest insane plan it seemed apt.


Kimiko Fox, Kimi to friends, is 14 years old and is half-American, half-Japanese. She’s by nature happy and optimistic, and has a wide mischievous streak. Although she only pulls her pranks on people when she thinks they deserve it, that judgement can vary depending on how long since her last prank. Wait a month and she may get you for ‘looking at her funny’. They’re never malicious or harmful though. Kimi’s natural form is actually that of a fox, though since being able to maintain a human form almost permanently she seems reluctant to take her fox form on front of people she knows.

She’s been at the Morgan’s for around four years, which she joined after being caught trying to steal from the house. Her education is spotty to say the least, mostly a jumble of random facts from different subjects rather than anything formal. She’s also a fount of TV trivia, apparently she watched a lot of TV when friends were at school and her father at work. Fox isn’t her actually last name, when asked for her full name she simply gave the two that other people called her, not quite understanding normal naming conventions. She also lacks ability in several everyday skills such as writing, basically anything that would be hard to do without opposable digits.

Most of the time Kimi is happy to talk about her past, mostly about the japes she used to get up too in the nearby city of Bakersfield, but can be a little touchy on the subject of her parents. Something happened to her mother shortly after she was born, but the details change any time someone asks, and Kimi will quickly change the subject. Her father is a happier subject, though to others he seems to have spent an inordinate amount of time at work. An arrangement which suited the young Kimiko. Something happened to him around four years ago, which Kimi simply refers to as an accident. She never talks about what happened between this accident and coming to live with the Morgans. Kimi is definitely hiding something painful under her happy exterior.

Since practising with her illusion powers she has developed one annoying habit, using her audio illusions as a music player. Which can be fine if she knows the song well, assuming she doesn’t play it on an endless loop. Otherwise it can get very bad and very grating very quickly, especially if she isn’t concentrating fully on the song at hand. Kimi has one very strong fear, that of dogs. She’ll try to not even go into a room with a little puppy.


Kimiko 'Kimi' Fox

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