A Day Out

(This is a slight change to how Kimi spent her day off before returning to Chicago. It shouldn’t make any difference, though if it does there’s still time to cover it as Alex’s ‘cliffhanger’ still has to be resolved ;-p )

Come on Kimi, smile. It’s a beautiful day, you’ve just helped save the world and finally had time to get your head straight after all that’s happened over the past few days. So smile, enjoy your day out, and leave the brooding to Eli.

Ok, that’s the pep-talk to myself out of the way. Now I’m in the middle of LA on a little shopping excursion. Yeah, most of what I could just ask for at the mansion but I’m not sure if I want to tell anyone else about it, yet. Besides, that’s not nearly as fun.

The shop’s quiet, and I’ve a few minutes before the printings finished, so I spend a good deal of time picking the right frame. Personal possessions haven’t really been much of a thing for me. No special toys or mementos from when I was younger. But this will be the first thing that’ll have that kind of meaning for me, so I want it to be right.

And finally it’s ready, printed and framed. The picture of me, Mom and Dad from the dream world.

And now onto the second stop. Then the third and the forth. And so on… Bookshops are rare enough these days, and I’m after something even rarer this country. I should’ve picked one up in Britain. Eventually I find what I’m looking for in a small shop catering for students. A book on learning Japanese. Yeah, I know. I could have just used one of the numerous online guides. But, I dunno, a book kinda seems more real. Which, considering this is me, is a somewhat ironic reason.

Unfortunately I turns out this bookshop is in a rather seedier part of town. I turn a corner to find a poor girl, erm, no, she’s actually a bit older than me, woman being mugged at knife point. The mugger is rather shocked when his knife suddenly turns into a vicious snake, and even more so when two cops show up seeming out of nowhere, causing him to run. You know, it’s a shame it wasn’t ME being mugged. After all that mind altering practice last night, I think I could have ‘convinced’ him to give himself up. Not something I could safely pull in a hostage situation though.

I make sure that the victim is ok. It takes a bit of comforting to calm her down, and a little light show helps a bit. It’s not mind control here, just a little aid to get her settled. The end result would be the same, this way’s just faster.

And now for the final item on my shopping list. Thankfully, this one is much easier to find. First toyshop I find, straight to the baby toy section and there it is. One of those sensory cube things, each surface a different texture. I get a slightly odd look and some questions from the cashier, so break out with breathless excitement about my aunts new baby boy and I can’t wait to meet him. She buys it.


I didn’t even seem this least bit excited until she asked. So what now? I’m still in LA, it’s still the afternoon and I’ve still got a fair amount of my allowance left. Yeah, like that’s a difficult question. Looks like I might not be back at the mansion for a while.

A Day Out

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