A Shield from Injustice

Why am I here?

Now that’s the question. That’s the question we should all be asking. You see I, at least, sat down when we were first told of this mad directive and I saw things clearly. Crystal clear, actually. You see, everybody around here has to answer someone. To the likes of the police and the feds. And they have to answer to their bosses, the politicians and the elected representatives. And they ultimately have to answer to the people. It’s a popularity contest. A broken system where no one will go out on a limb to protect the weak and deal justice where justice is needed. That’s not right. I saw where things were heading and where things still are heading. I’m going to right those wrongs. I always have been righting wrongs. Taking back from those who had unjustly decided that their decedent lifestyle is more important that the suffering of a few measly peons. I stepped in and righted those wrongs.

People in this world, people who live a life that is not truly theirs to live, they walk around in their little bubble smiling the day away. In their world there are no consequences. They can do and say whatever they want. But that’s not how the world works. That is the problem. People like Jacobs, Mephistopheles, the Cartels, the Mafia ,Yakuza and any of those other gangs. That’s not the way the world works. That’s not the world we live in. That is the problem with the world.

So why am I here? Why did I come to LA when there was so much injustice in Chicago? Was it fear that made me run? In know that fear is only a four letter word, another emotion to be conquered. So was it fear or was it guilt? Guilt at the fact I had failed. Failed the one true friend I had ever had. The one person who had seen the injustice in the world and fought alongside me to right the wrongs and fix the problem. Or was it coercion of a greater force? The silver tonged promises of a devil in a Prada suit. The man who promised everything and asked for nothing. Promised the training I would need to be able to combat those in the wrong. Who is to say which of these reasons is the true one? I still haven’t decided and the decision haunts me every day. So I do what I can.

I am a shield from injustice. I am the shield from injustice.

A Shield from Injustice

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