Comic Strip Philosophy

‘I love people. It’s humanity I can’t stand.’ I read that in a comic strip once.

Or was it the other way around…. ‘I love humanity, its people I can’t stand’? Hmm, actually, I think it was.

But the first version is how I think. Sure, there’s some good and nice people in the world. But the rest of them, especially when they start herding together… They just look for someone or some smaller group to oppress.

This whole Church of Peace group just sums it up. Are they ignorant of their hypocrisy and truly believe that they’re righteous? Or do they know, and think they’re somehow better than everyone else. Either way, kinda means they fail with the whole basis of ‘tolerance and acceptance.’

But they still scare me. This whole place reminds me too much of my time at the Inquisition. I know they say that the Church no longer as any special powers or abilities, but here… I still worry about it. I’m too scared to even speak, just letting Jeremy do all the talking. I can’t wait till we’re out of here.

I’d hate to be trapped in a place like this!

Which… makes me wonder about Sophie… I haven’t thought about her for a long time, but seeing all this religious craziness…. And spending time with those kids… Is she still in Bakersfield, or some crazy enclave like this? Would she have bought into the same intolerant religiousosity that her parents had? One of these days I’ll need to find out…. But… if she’s happy… I wouldn’t want to dreg up the memories.

For now, I’ll stick with helping the kids back at the mansion. They’re lives have been torn apart by what the Qu’dani, and I don’t want them to have a life like I did. Alone, friendless, no support. I’m not gonna let these kids down. I’m gonna make sure someone is there for them.

Because I have to help them. I need to know that despite what they’ve been through the can still have a happy life….

That…. I… can still have a happy life….

Comic Strip Philosophy

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