Inside the City of Dreams

The city was spectacular, there was no denying that. Having lived with nothing but local architecture for her life, Kimi drunk in the sights of all the different styles and shapes on display. With their guide, it was almost like walking inside a documentary. Kimi had always liked documentaries when they showed fantastic places but few had been on during her usual TV hours. And even then often something else caught her interest first.

Unsurprisingly the Japanese area had caught her full attention. It wasn’t as if she could remember anything about her brief time in Japan, and her father hadn’t kept many pictures. It wasn’t quite what she’d expected, though to be honest she didn’t know what to expect. Yet something about it was a little uncomfortable for her. It all seemed so… ordered.

Crossing over a low bridge Kimi paused for a moment, sitting down and kicking her feet slowly in the water. Thinking back to their latest fight. It had been worse this time. Before her illusions just hadn’t worked well. This time, they hadn’t worked at all. She’d been completely helpless against the thing. Which just drove home the nagging thought that had been bothering her; she wasn’t ready. This whole hero thing was just too much for her.

At least, right now.

She hadn’t exactly enjoyed what had happened last night but at the same time, for part of her, it was what she wanted to do. To see that good people were protected and that evil people were punished. But right now she wasn’t prepared for it. She’d jumped in head first with no real idea or training. Kimi didn’t want to fight but if she was to keep doing this, she’d need to know how. How to defend herself without relying on the others. And until then, she was just dead weight. Something for the villains arrayed against them to exploit. Whatever else, Kimi didn’t want to be the one responsible for any harm coming to them.

Kimi picked up a small stone and dropped it into the water, watching the ripples as they spread. As soon as they woke up, she was out.

Inside the City of Dreams

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