The definition of insanity

Sweet L.A.
I gave my broken soul to you…

The piano chords echoed through the empty ballroom. The tall covered windows filtering out the moonlight allowing little illumination to the large cold room.

Open the oldest wounds
These memories taunt me
Your secrets and crooked smiles
They don’t have to taunt me

I long for atonements touch
Carry me back
But the reel keeps on spinning loose and the screen
Is fading to black

Her voice interrupts my song. I would have jumped if this was the first time it had happened but alas it wasn’t.

“You’ve come a long way from the street tough I used to know”

“You still know me” I replied. Raising my hands from the piano to the glass of scotch I had liberated from the kitchen. “I enjoyed music even then.”

“You used to sing when we were casing a joint. You never told me why you did that?”

“It’s a timing mechanism. Watches and clocks can be out but a song never can.”

“What if you sing it too fast?”

“But I don’t.”

I swung my head up to look through the pianos hood. She looked the same as she did every other time she had appeared. The same short hair, same sapphire blue eyes. She hadn’t aged since the last time I had actually saw her.

“I don’t know why I’m discussing this with you anyway. You’re not here.” Reaching for the packet of cigarettes I took one out and quickly lit it up before going back to tinkling the ivories.

“Who are you to say I’m not here?”

“You’re just my imagination”

“Or I could be a ghost.”

“NO!” Slamming both hands down on the piano echoed loudly throughout the ballroom and probably throughout the rest of the manor as well. I took in a deep draw calming my nerve before replying. “If you’re a ghost, that means you’re dead. And you’re not.”

“How do you know I’m not? You left me in that hail of bullets!”

“I didn’t leave you…”
“You jumped out that window and ran all the way to L.A.”


“You left me to die.”

“NO!” the glass sailed through the air passing straight through the place where Jennifer had just been standing before smashing on the wall. I took a few deep breaths to calm my nerves before sitting down and putting an end to the cigarette.

“I didn’t run…”

Stubbing the cigarette out in the ashtray I had grabbed I played the final few chords.

Like you do….

Before ending with a flourish

The definition of insanity

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